You Are Not Alone

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

These are the stories of cancer patients - heroes who battled the disease, and nurses and doctors who help them on their journey.

  • Savour and enjoy and appreciate. Love harder, share more, give often and say ‘thank you’.

    Lee PettersenLee PettersenBras Drug Trial Patient
  • ...the good news is, that the doctors at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the BRAS Drug Development Program, don’t give up! They continue to be able to offer me the latest treatments.

    Mr. Robert KiddMr. Robert KiddBRAS DDP drug trial patient
  • Since I started this trial, I've gotten two years that I shouldn't have. That's given me more time with my family. I've welcomed two beautiful grandchildren into this world and now we've got another one on the way. My husband, Aleks, my rock, my constant source of strength - he and I know what this time means. We see our kids as much as we can. We've managed to have two trips to Europe and to go south a couple of times. We make new memories every day.

    Janet Janet Phase I clinical trial patient
  • Squeeze every drop of joy out of each day. Do not wait to live your life – tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone.

    Lee PettersenLee PettersenBras Drug Trial Patient
  • I’ve heard stories of people being on ten to twelve drug trials, and this is only my second, and it’s been remarkable, and in both cases I’ve had a positive outcome. The first drug trial, my tumours shrank, certainly not as much as they have now, and when the medications stopped working in the first trial, the tumours grew back. And so, as I have said, having 47% shrinkage is quite remarkable. I am healthy, and I am lucky.

    Bobbi Pfisherer-CohenBobbi Pfisherer-CohenBRAS DDP drug trial patient
  • I found out good news today. My cancer has now shrunk another 3% to 50%, and I feel GREAT! I feel great at the end of each day. I am living a normal life in one year since entering the new drug trial. That is how quick it was! I have been given my life back, and the gift has been enormous.

    Robert David KiddRobert David KiddBras Drug Trial Patient
  • A terminal illness is a wakeup call to LIVE, really LIVE.

    Lee PettersenLee PettersenBras Drug Trial Patient