Support the BRAS Drug Development Program

The BRAS Drug Development Program, is actively involved in personalized cancer medicine at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. Personalized cancer medicine aims to provide the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient, based on the microscopic, genetic and other information that can be gathered from a patient, and from his/her cancer. In other words, finding the right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time.

At the BRAS Drug Development Program, we conduct early phase clinical trials, involving patients with advanced cancers, using new tools to identify the genetic ‘fingerprint’ of each patient’s cancer. With over 300 patients going through our program each year, this puts the patient number at over 5,000 since inception in 2001. This is quite a number!

Our program has grown and matured to become a leader in drug development research, nationally and internationally. Discoveries by our scientists, have had global impact, affecting cancer research and patient care around the world.

We are asking for your support, as our success at the BRAS Drug Development Program at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, would not be possible, without the generosity of our donors.

Maggie Bras
President, BRAS Drug Development Program Committee