Spotlight Tribute Event (2008)

Our heroes are our doctors, our nurses, our researchers, our scientists, our donors, our sponsors and those patients who fight cancer each and every day.

October 16, 2008 at The Windsor Arms Hotel, gave our guests of 130, a pause to reflect and gain knowledge on the incredible work that has been unfolding by our heroes at Princess Margaret Hospital and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute.

Housed within PMH, is The Robert & Maggie Bras and Family New Drug Development Program, which has an extremely large portfolio of phase I, II and III studies, and is gaining our centre both national and international recognition, securing our rank as one of the top five cancer research centres in the world.

Our evening celebration on our progress to date was made possible by our other heroes – our sponsors who incredibly underwrote the whole evening; our speakers – Paul Alofs, Dr. Tak Mak, and Dr. Robert Bell, who brought to us medicine in layman’s terms; our moderator, none other than Ms. Marilyn Denis of The Roger, Darren & Mariln Morning Show on Chum FM Radio who with skill, interviewed our panel; Charles Hanna, who graciously entertained 130 guests in his sumptuous home; to our entertainers from The Glenn Gould School, who wowed our guests with grace, theatre and voices raised in song; to Tracey Neizol who became my right arm; to The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation staff who worked diligently toward this evening – you are our heroes!

Our donors are our other heroes of the evening, who came forward with donations totaling over $700,000! We are so grateful, as their generosity has been put to immediate use, primarily with our Xenograft Program. Xenografts allow us to resect human tumours and transplant the human cells into mice models in order to study the way in which cancer responds to novel agents. The Xenograft Program is just another way by which donors are helping us to strengthen the ability of The Bras New Drug Development Program to have global impact in the fight against cancer.

On behalf of cancer patients everywhere, thank you for helping to conquer cancer in our lifetime.

Thank You!

Maggie Bras

Thank you to our generous Sponsors and Gift-in-Kind Donors who helped make our Spotlight Tribute evening possible…