Dr. Lillian Siu
2020 ASCO Recipient

  • “…. Because of her reputation as a leader in drug development, Lillian has been a role model for me as I build and expand the head/neck clinical trial and drug development program at the University of Wisconsin.”

    Justine Bruce
  • “…. She encouraged me to write my own project proposals, trials, and papers, and has spurred on my success as an academic clinician. …. She was always available if I had any problems. "

    Natalie Cook
  • “There is no doubt that my three years of fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Lillian Siu had a tremendous impact in my career in medical oncology and most likely in my life…”

    Ignacio Duran
  • “…Lillian taught me to be meticulous and fair. Meticulous when seeing patients, writing a grant and papers. Fair when working with colleagues and especially younger colleagues. She taught me this not by saying it but by being herself….”

    Christophe Le Tourneau
  • “Lillian treated me like family right from the start. Within just 12 months, Lillian had transformed my life in the most positive direction and gave me hope that I could make it on my own….”

    Brigette Ma
  • “Lillian is a role model to me in how she functions as a leader, manages her study team, supervises study projects, teaches fellows and combines this with clinical tasks showing utmost dedication to the care for her patients….”

    Sjoukje Oosting
  • “My stay in Toronto meant everything to help me become the physician scientist I am today….”

    Miguel Quintela
  • “…Dr. Siu’s wide-reaching impacts are evident at our yearly reunions during the ASCO annual meeting, during which many current and past fellows still take the time to get together and share updates. She is truly an exceptional mentor.”

    Dan Renouf
  • “…Lillian has been a supervisor with unique dedication to the patients, the study team and the fellows. ……Lillian has represented a model for me on how to lead a clinical research team. A model that I am trying to apply every day now as a new head of drug development unit in my hospital.”

    Anastasios Stathis