The Kidd’s Klan


The weather was warm, the morning was soft, and the sun shone for the Kidd’s Klan (Zahra, Elle, Dante, Quinn, Tegan, Johanna, Jason, Bob, Sandra, Ralph and Michael – see attached photos) and some 2200 to 2500 participants. The total raised through the event as of yesterday, was $1,032,000.00, with $4,350.00 coming from the Kidd Klan supporters.

Fund raising like this has played a significant role in my life. As you know, the clinical trial drugs that worked sooo well for me over the past two years were as a result of The Bras Drug Development Program which is mainly funded by donations. Also, I have begun my new drug regimen (which yielded very good results during their clinical trials). After 5 days on the new drugs, things are going well, so optimism reigns supreme!

On June 19th there was a major announcement at PMCC regarding a new treatment that has  yielded extremely good results in lab tests so the Researchers are looking forward to taking these drugs to Clinical Trial later this year. If you click on the links below you can get a sense of the doctor’s optimism for the success of these drugs.

Thanks again for your support.

Big Hugs

The Kidd’s Klan